There are several conditions upon which counseling cases will be initiated. They are as follows:

  1. Counseling members of Berean Community Church always takes precedence over all outside counseling.
  2. Counseling will be done by one of our pastors or by one of the church members in training. Those in training will be supervised by one of our pastors.
  3. All counseling will be conducted in accordance with the counselor's understanding of the Scriptures. Your counseling will be Biblical, meaning that the Scriptures are the final authority in all cases. If you are not sure about receiving Biblically-based counseling, you have the option of attending one or two sessions to discover what Biblical counseling is like. If you are unwilling to use the Bible as the final authority in counseling or unwilling to do the homework assigned, sessions will be terminated.
  4. Information disclosed in counseling sessions will be held confidential only as the counselor believes the Bible or the State requires. Often, dealing with life’s problems involves hearing embarrassing and difficult information. We work hard to fulfill your trust by keeping this information private. Scripture tells us that, under certain circumstances, information shared in confidence may need to be discussed with other parties, such as church leadership and civil authorities (e.g. Matt. 18:15ff). If your current church leadership should inquire about your counseling, we will disclose to them only that information which we believe is necessary for them to effectively and Biblically fulfill their responsibility to shepherd you.
  5. Plan on attending Sunday worship services at Berean Community Church each week while you are in counseling here. The Bible is clear that the best spiritual help you can get is help from a local church. The teaching and fellowship that you receive here will reinforce what is discussed in the counseling sessions.
  6. At any time during counseling, for reasons sufficient to himself/herself, the counselor or counselee shall individually have the option of terminating counseling.
  7. All counseling is done free of charge as a ministry of Berean Community Church. Sometimes, out of gratitude, one may wish to express his/her thanks in a tangible way. In such cases, checks should be made payable to the church, not to the counselor. Also, part of the weekly homework assignments may require purchasing materials that correspond to the counseling.
  8. It should be understood that Biblical counseling consists of the giving of Scriptural advice and the practical application of the same to each individual. Yet, the counselee is held fully responsible for how he implements that advice.

We are confident that the Bible has all of the information necessary for life and godliness (2 Pet. 1:3). There are no problems between persons that the Bible fails to address either in general or specific principles. Our counselors are not infallible, nor do they pretend to know all there is to know about Biblical teaching and its applications to life, but they are well-equipped and competent to help people change. They will make clearly separate God's commands and their suggestions. Counselors will also honestly tell you if they require further research to help you.

Our counselors do not give medical or legal advice. As with all of life, medical and legal matters require a proper, God-honoring perspective. We are glad to help in that way. However, our counselors will make clear distinctions between spiritual care and the medical and legal fields.

If a conflict should arise between the counselee and the counselor, both parties must agree to resolve the dispute outside the secular court system. Conciliation will be sought under submission to and direction of the Board of Elders at Berean Community Church.