Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry
B.L.A.S.T (Building Lives Around Scriptural Truths!)
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Philosophy of Ministry: Every ministry of Berean falls under the Four Pillars of Berean Community Church—our philosophy of ministry. But, more specifically, youth ministry is a family ministry here at Berean. The Bible clearly teaches that parents have the responsibility to instruct their children in the ways of our Lord, both formally and spontaneously (Deut. 6:6-9). As a result we see youth ministry as a facilitator of what should already be taking place at home.  Every church with a youth ministry must protect itself from the danger of allowing this ministry to supplant the responsibility of the parents. (Even youth ministries like Sunday School and Jr. Church have this potential.) Youth ministry must always facilitate the family.

While many homes are blessed with Christian parents who lead their children in godliness, there are many homes where such is not the case. Young people often have unsaved parents, are latchkey kids with no adult role model or, sadly, have "Christian" parents who do not prioritize the Word of God at home. To help come alongside such young people, and to help facilitate other maturing, Christian families, BCC sought the help of a youth pastor and his wife, Jeff and Teresa Everett. The Everetts have served the Lord in youth ministry for over 20 years as experienced parents, humble servants and capable teachers.

By God's grace they established a sound youth ministry here at Berean and in the summer of 2013 handed the reins over to a younger couple they've discipled, Adam and Sarah Ruf. Adam and Sarah are doctrinally sound, spiritually mature and passionate about helping equip our young people for the future.

Since our primary concern is spiritual growth, the teaching of the Word is central. Every Monday at 6:30 the young people meet for a time of Bible study and recreation at the church. Aside from this there are other activities like mission trips, Six Flags, visiting nursing homes, etc. We praise the Lord for the work of the Spirit evident in the lives of our youth! Strong parents equal strong youth!